New Build

Planning and precision at work.

Location: Sorrento, Mornington Peninsula

Floor Area: 358m²

Outdoor Area: 221m²

Icon Synergy built Sorrento House 1 on a site close to both Ocean and Front Beaches. A minimal and modern design required experienced and detailed construction planning to get the perfect look.

Concrete walls were poured in situ, and needed a finish good enough to be left uncovered as part of the interior design. In order to create the sleek look of the roof, custom sheets of Colorbond® were made in longer than usual lengths. Concealed eaves gutters meant that we needed to also fabricate bespoke flashings to accommodate.

A quality finish is about more than just looks though, the timber battening covering the front face of the building can be removed so that glass windows behind can be cleaned easily. A common sense approach that will make the owner’s lives a whole lot easier.

Icon Synergy have been delivering high spec builds on the Peninsula for nearly 30 years. We know what it takes to produce individual homes and at a cost effective rate.

Photography: Grant Kennedy, Luke Boyle & Vibe Design Group. All rights reserved.