New Build

Minimal, simple, beautiful.

Location: Kew, Melbourne

Floor Area: 321m²

Outdoor Area: 91m²

Kew House 3 is another example of how a design that seems very simple, needs a great deal of planning and detail to make it work. Building houses in the Modernist style always demands high standards of finish. When you take away all the excess components, it leaves nowhere to hide. For Kew House 3, precision in the build was a must, far more than your standard new build.

Realising the striking wooden facade meant Icon Synergy had to research and source sustainably produced timber that would age beautifully and be workable enough to achieve the level of detail needed to get the look just right. Behind the scenes, detailing of the timber install was key to the projects success. The house was used for a Planet Ark TV campaign about the beauty and sustainable nature of building with wood.

The interior rooms had no skirting boards. Icon Synergy custom designed a u-channel in the floor, making for a flawless meeting of plaster and timber. A core wall clad in timber veneer featured pivoting doors that we constructed with ultra fine tolerances – allowing them to ’disappear’ flush when closed. Windows were all double glazed with thermally broken frames made from aluminium – a feature of many of our builds.

Icon Synergy’s focus is always to build to the highest of standards in residential construction, with innovative solutions that encompass the key elements of the design. Kew House 3 epitomises this building approach.

Photography: Robert Hamer. All rights reserved.